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A private sanctuary high above the clouds. This summer cabin restoration allowed us the opportunity to explore schemes of an open floor plan with multi-purpose shared living spaces, including a separate living room, drawing room with sectional seating, a mud room and study. Four fireplaces, a full sized chef’s kitchen island and 16’ wall to wall floating counters overlooking the forest through floor to ceiling glass windows. The secluded view oriented  bedrooms sleep twelve and are accompanied by four bathrooms with steam room shower, a butlers pantry and 12’ sky shafts on the upper levels to allow for sunlight to bleed through the tree canopies above. The private forest level guest quarters with kitchenette and ensuite bathroom have sprawling views of the forest floor. Located in the heart of the San Jacinto forest near a mountain monastery, this home is surrounded by a running creek, making it the perfect escape for our clients to enjoy year round living in spaces that will accommodate extended family for generations to come.


Private Residence





Our clients origins & beliefs of imperfection and authenticity; where time becomes art and poor materials that are rich in spirit take center stage in this 89 year old  Wabi Sabi forest summer cabin restoration that has been in the family for generations.


The sustainable design build approach throughout the interior and exterior of the secluded cabin with materials like stone, steel and reclaimed wood were repurposed and thoughtfully re-utilized in every area of this mountain home to accommodate its unique views and features.


The original cedar siding of the home has been repurposed and charred by local artisans who handcrafted and oiled each piece to repurpose for interior accent wall cladding. The aged brass fittings are sourced and outfitted by hand for bath and kitchen fixtures.

" I wanted to honor the summer cabin’s origins and character in the most modest way. The architecture is so simple, it belongs as much to the past as it does to the future."



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