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Māhukona Pavilions 

— The Big Island of Hawai’i unveils its deepest secrets in Mahukona, A cultural outpost in the isles of enchantment nestled amongst volcanic foothills, a self-sustainable Hawaiian foundation whispers tales of ancestors who danced with stars and carved paths across endless turquoise waters. Space for local gatherings to learn about whispers of ancient sites bearing witness to a celestial navigation. Guided by the foundation – learn about self-sustainability, the sun,  the language of winds, read the constellations, sense the rhythm of the tides, explore the preserved lands and the conservation of local species. Decipher sacred petroglyphs. A dive into the soul of Hawaii, where education ignites curiosity, restoration of existing infrastructure takes center stage and Mahukona 






​— The nature integrated vernacular evolves through the Hale Mana  with a sense of connection to the land and Hawaiian culture. Our approach was to create an ambience of “barefoot luxury” embracing simplicity with refined materials and textures. Stand-alone guest hales are carefully sited for maintaining privacy and capturing views. Small clusters of hales are arranged in close proximity so extended family and friends can vacation together. An array of amenities and activities are placed throughout the resort to give each area a unique sense of place and community.


The project explores elements of self-sustainability, locally sourced building materials to create and sustain small impact structures on the natural environment. 


Architectural spaces integrated within the natural environment, allowing locals and visitors to explore and connect with others. 


Empowering communities through education, workshops, traditional practices and Enviornmental stewardship. 

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