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COHESION BY MALEK ALQADI – a Los Angeles based multidisciplinary design and Architecture design studio, each project is uniquely defined by a sense of place and purpose and a desire to ultimately enhance the user’s experience through exceptional design. From off-grid cabins to mountain retreats to residential projects and ground up, retreats, hotels and restaurants, the studio's aesthetic is timelessly modern but site-specific, unbound by project type or a singular style.

Led by its founder Malek Alqadi and his collaborative team of architects and designers leverages its vast and highly varied experiences to solve complex design challenges, resulting in spaces that are exceptionally beautiful and accessible. Through a unique, vertically integrated service offering that spans all aspects of architecture, interior design and product design.

Cohesion can own every step of the design and build process from inception to completion. The firm is known for embracing technology and celebrating craft, actively pursuing materials with a worked hand and creating one-of-a kind furnishings and finishes to bring texture, materiality and contrast to modern spaces. Committed to designing places that celebrate a project’s location and history, the team demonstrates a profound respect for the physical and contextual environment in which projects are realized, extending the experience beyond the structure to merge landscape, neighborhood, architecture and furnishings in a beautiful, synergistic unit.

Cohesion is a unique and young practice, Since its inception, our studio has developed a reputation for innovative design and precision in applying construction standards. We are best known for its thorough design process that involves and informs clients every step of the way. Throughout planning and design, we work closely with each client to understand their creative vision and goals. Subsequently, Cohesion provides spaces that are thoughtfully detailed, sensitive to the surrounding environment, and mindful of the client’s needs and budgets. We offer Architectural, interior design and graphic design services from small scale to large scale projects.

Our architectural practice deals with today’s challenges through holistic methods of working which means that retain complete creative freedom to bring my vision to existence. Like a form of alchemy, we address multi-layered problems through adherence to contextual, environmental and social problems. My team and I embrace our new projects, analyze

them to understand the context, light, volume and settings of each space, and travel to find objects, materials and inspiration to graft the collective vision into a sense of place.


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