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With a Jordanian heritage I am aware of the singular focus on fossil fuels and how antiquated a concept it is to build a diverse economy off of one industry. It wasn’t until my first time walking through a national park, did I appreciate the scale and beauty of pristine landscapes. Living in a robust city like Los Angeles, the contrast of walking into a state park you feel a completely different way. Discovering an environment in a much slower way, a majestic almost ancient way, inspired me with my first off-grid, environmentally honoring design.

I am inspired by the response to my projects adjacent to several National Parks, both by the design community and my guests. This has emboldened me to create a broader vision, off-grid “Invisible Resorts” that are adjacent to our spectacular National Parks. Sustainable, modern designs that contribute to an environment, grey-water systems, self-sufficient green energy infrastructure with immaculate views to the sanctuary of nature and to facilitate humans who embrace nature on its own terms.

It is of no interest to me to just curate a space, I am passionate about ‘curating an environment’ that is a light imprint on its surroundings yet a meaningful impact on those experiencing the space. When I design, I am mindful of migration flow, soil and plant ecosystems, vistas, stargazing opportunities and how ancient man responded to their environment. Additionally, I want to be aggressive with sustaining the biodiversity, to the point of creating designs to filters out, modern toxins, I am working on a large project in Wyoming and meeting with the Fish and Game heads in the region, I was struck with how much fracking in such a remote state contributes to a significant, but acceptable percentage of oil in the states waterways.

These ‘invisible resorts’ will actively filter toxins from the water table and restore nature to a more pristine condition, with so many migrating species out of Yosemite, it would be revolutionary to create spaces that inspire the human and restore nature in a forgotten harmony.


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